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Do you want to protect your business and manage your employment responsibilities?

As an employer, you have a wide range of responsibilities and obligations in respect of your workforce. That being said, you also want to ensure you are able to run your business efficiently to satisfy your operational and business requirements. Striking a balance between a happy workforce and your bottom line can be difficult. Swift HR & Legal will guide and assist you in achieving this, whilst minimising your exposure to potential claims.


Jacqueline Swift is an absolute godsend! Her Human Resource and Legal services have really helped us move forward with our business leaps and bounds.  As business owners, it is very reassuring to know someone like Jacqueline, as she is always reliable and available to talk to regarding any HR or legal enquiry we may have. We have found there is no issue too big or too small for her.

How can training and development help my business?

Developing your staff can be an extremely rewarding exercise. In order to help your business grow and develop, you need to ensure that those working for you have all the necessary skills to support your vision. SHRL will deliver bespoke training which focuses on the needs of your business whilst maximising internal development within your organisation.


I have known Jacqui for over 2 years now and within that time I have been more and more impressed with her work. Her manner is very professional but also natural which makes you feel listened to when speaking with her. Her direct approach was perfect for Katy (my wife) and I. We liked her honesty, but we particularly respected her ability and knowledge of the law and how potential scenarios could play out, we were very impressed. The time, effort and work she put in for our company was first class. More importantly because we used Jacqui she saved us a lot of money, time and stress.

Do you have the right contracts in place?

There are numerous contracts and agreements which can be relevant to your business, these can vary from contracts of employment, to shareholder agreements. A well drafted contract/agreement will protect your business and provide clarity and confirmation of what is expected of the parties involved. They are also the starting point should a dispute arise and are therefore extremely important. SHRL will deliver documents which are compliant, relevant and tailored to your individual needs.

Jacqui took the time to get to know our business and it’s requirements. She listened and took on board what worked for us. The service Jacqui provided was efficient, relevant and straightforward. Her honest and sincere approach made it a smooth process.