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HR & Legal Services

Employment Law Services for Employers

We are certain that, with our experience and skills, we can provide you with cost effective reliable advice to strengthen, guide and support your business. SHRL takes a proactive approach and always looks ahead to protect your business against threats of tribunals and expensive litigation. By working with you we will strengthen and help develop systems and procedures which will reduce the risk of problems arising in the future.

We understand the needs of businesses are forever changing and that affordable, reliable advice is imperative. We provide a personal service, aiming to know and understand how our client’s businesses work. It is this very mechanism that allows us to tailor our services to our client’s specific needs.

Employment Law Services for Employees

SHRL understands that legal jargon can be daunting and complicated due to its ever changing nature. As such, it is sometimes difficult for individuals to understand where they stand, and that not every dispute will result in having to issue a claim. SHRL will provide you with proactive, cost effective advice and guidance to ensure you are in the best stead to achieve your aim without having to worry about costs.

We will always take the time to fully understand your desired outcome and provide you with options for you to consider which could avoid the need for litigation.

Training & Development

At SHRL we believe that your workforce is also your main asset. They are therefore key to the growth and success of your business. Training and development of your workforce can be an extremely rewarding exercise and will ensure your workforce is performing to the best of their capabilities. Providing training and development is not only an investment which will benefit your workforce, it will most certainly benefit your business.

Commercial and Corporate Services

We provide our clients with bespoke commercial contracts and agreements which clearly set out the parties responsibilities and obligations to one another. SHRL will draft every document to your individual needs and will ensure it effectively protects you in the event of a dispute.